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This page is currently used for monitoring enemies on the Walk in the Park difficulty and recording their HPs with the Hunter class. The terrain and distance of each monster is recorded to make sure to account for possible variations.

Many games approximate health by using a flat multiplier to one difficulty, because the easiest difficulty has the least amount of variables all other difficulties should be easily expressed in some constant (C) * (HP in "Walk in the Park").

Monster Health - Additional entries separate the values with a "/"Edit

Name Base HP Terrain that HP was recorded Km
Bat 14 Prairie 97
Feral Dog 33 Prairie 81
Skeleton 28 Prairie (spawned event) 96
Zombie 57 Desert 25
Phantom Knight 171 Prairie (spawned event) 89
Crow 47 Mountains 471
Harpy 47 Desert 22
Wolf 76 Prairie 103
Desert Wolf 95 Desert 326
Imp 47 Desert 25
Fire Imp
Polar Bear
Bandit 123 Snow Field 153
Dragon Warrior 114 Desert 27
Minotaur 190 Desert 25
Hitman Wolf
Killer Hound
Minotaur Warrior
Dark Vanguard
Demon Lord 3800 Wilds 400

Female Guard 160
Armor Dealer 100
Chef 100
Young Girl 100
Save Attendant 100
Red Riding Hood 100
Hyper Warrior 100
Merchant 100
Weapon Dealer 100
  • Note- If an NPC has the modifier "Jewel Hunter" they will sell jewels in addition to their normal loot. This was seen when a Jewel Hunter Chef was selling a jewel in addition to the Tasty Lunchbox.
Name HP Terrain km
Snow Hare 50 Snow Field 198 (300% exp)
Desert Wolf 60 Wilds 442
Mountain Goat 150 Mountains 478
Prairie Otter 60 Prairie 86
(Wanted) Prairie Otter 180 Prairie 126 (208% exp, 1665 silver)

Modified Monsters - Additional entries separate the values with a "/"Edit

Modifier Name HP Terrain Km Notes
Jewel Hunter Harpy 47 Desert 47 2x chipped jewel, 1x pretty jewl
Tough Appraiser 210 Prairie 71 Higher HP
Tough Feral Dog 46 Prairie 101
Infamous Red Riding Hood 140 Prairie 118
Tough Chef 140 Prairie 120
Tough Merchant 140 Prairie 128
Infamous Feral Dog 46 Snow Field 158 5%, no drops
Frail Feral Dog 22 Snow Fields 206 7%, no drops
Frail Feral Dog 22 Desert 218 5%, no drops
Tough Skeleton 39 Desert (event) 232 76%, Silver
infamous Harpy 66 Desert 241 24% exp, Silver
Tough Harpy 66 Desert 250 36% exp, no drops
Tough Desert Wolf 133 Desert 295 84%, none
Wanted Harpy 142 Desert 335 128%, Silver (~5-10x normal amounts)seemed to move x2 every 3/4 turns (much faster than normal).
Frail Harpy 33 Desert 365 7% exp, Silver
Seeking Feral Dog 33 Wilds 396 5%, area map
Stiff-necked Skeleton 28 Wilds 411 68%, none
Villainous Zombie 114 Wilds 411 68%,none

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