Personal Favorite Class Customizations

Breaking Runs:

Name: Kaira
Class: Adventurer
Item Appraiser [+30% Item Identification]
Equipment Master [Equipment Attrition Rate lowers to 90%]
(x3) Pack-Horse [+20% Weight Limit]

Regular Fun Runs:

Name: KarinYuuki
Class: Force User
Master of Unlocking [+1 Lockpicking]
(x2) Intelligence [+5% Item Identification, 2% Reduction to ST and Energy Depletion Rate]
(x2) Willpower [+30% to Force Power, +3% to Critical Hit Chance]
Name: Emi Yusa
Class: Force User
(x2) Equipment Master [Equipment attrition rate lowers to 90%]
Item Appraiser [+30% Item Identification]
Masterful Stroke [+7% Critical Hit]
Pack-Horse [+20% Weight Limit]

Weapon and Armor Enchantments:

Please refer to Enchantments for the full list of weapon and armor enchants.

  • NOTE: The maximum enchantments in plus is 10

Equipment: (sorted by highest to lowest durability)

Frost Star Coat
Durability: 150
Weight: 3
Defense: 10%
Armor: 3
Effects: Halves any Force of Flame damage and a
50% chance to nullify Flame damage

Spirit Robe
Durability: 140
Weight: 3
Defense: 10%
Armor: 6
Effects: Force damage is reduced by 1/3 and a
30% chance to nullify Flame damage


Super Elzite Bomb - does 150 + Force Power x15 damage in a 5x5 area


Skeletons [weak][little xp] - complete waste of time don't bother
Phantom Knight - skeletons with red capes
Hitman Wolf [weak][little xp] - gray wolf man with pants

Weakness is flame arrows otherwise run the fuck away
Lava Slime [little xp] - red
Aqua Slime [little xp] - blue
Poison Slime [little xp] - purple
Gelatin Slime [little xp] - transparent gray
Melted Slime [little xp] - asshole turquoise


Hide Ability Effectiveness:
Lava Slime
Polar Bear
Minotaur Warrior
Jade Forest Lieutenant
*Hiding will not work if an enemy is 1 tile away as they will
always walk to the player hense rendering the ability useless at this close proximity

Healing Vial
Makes 1 Healing Vial from 2 Healing Herbs. 3 can be made at a time,
10% of Energy is consumed each time a batch is made.

Training Bracelet
+does not affect the player's Max Energy cap

base regeneration +5/20turns
+Vitality lvl

Skill Missionary
Once you learn 2 ability this NPC becomes useless

Selling a weapon or armor by using the Expensive Scroll enchantment
is maxed out at the price of 18000 Silvers but holy items have no cap

The Passageway Scroll can destroy mountains and is indestructable

Using the Scroll of Reclusiveness will push enemies 1 tile away and
blocks off their advance to the player until an entrance is created

The Adventurer class is immune to the effects of paralyze and
I can explain why that is the case.
The ability Jump still works even when paralyzed and when combined with
a couple of companions will be unstoppable as once you Jump and are
adjacent to an enemy they will autotarget and attack(even kill) thus
transforms the player into a jumping turret.

By playing the Adventure class at higher difficulties I feel that I need
to add Strategy to the One Way Heroics Plus game tag.

Scroll of Repair has the ability to repair the durability of the
equipped weapon and armor however this is a falacy as it cannot repair
Supplementary Ice Fog Armor.

My best armor is Absorbing Knight's Coat.

Cost to remove enchantments on my equipment: 123930 Silver | Mythical Salacia's Staff
90000 Jerryrigged does not change the total cost of the removal
of the enchantment
5414 Silver | Adamantine Spirit Robe
32247 Silver | Heavy Holy Axe

The best thing to do before removing Jerryrigged enchantment is to repair
one last time by using a jerryrigging scroll

Fortune-teller Auris's Spells:
Flame -400 Silver, Intelligence -1
Lightning -800 Silver, Intelligence -3
Flash -800 Silver, Intelligence -3
Crash -800 Silver, Intelligence -3
Super Flame -1200 Silver, Intelligence -5

Aria of the Sun's Spells:
Detection -200 Silver, Intelligence -1
X-ray Vision -200 Silver, Intelligence -1
Protection -1200 Silver, Intelligence -5
Rain Healing -1200 Silver, Intelligence -5
Path of Nature -1500 Silver, Intelligence -5

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