Many different towns and dungeons exist they appear as blue and red squares respectively on your mini-map if you have been told about them by NPC's or have an Area Map Scroll active.

Towns Edit

Towns normally have at least one guard defending them and are a safer place than the wilderness, you normally have access to some kind of merchant and a few other NPC's in towns

Small Town

up to 1 guard, 2 shops, save and 1 other NPC's can spawn


up to 1 guard, barkeep, and 2 others can spawn

Mid-size Town

Up to 2 guards, 3 shops and 2 other NPC's can spawn

Large Town

Up to 3 guards, 5 shops, save and 3 other NPC's can spawn


One merchant always Spawns here, does not show on mini-map, 'listen' for them in combat.

Altar Ruins

Small, diamond shaped, 'town' with an Altar of the Goddess, can be mistaken for the Golem Ruins

Small Shop

One merchant always Spawns here

Abandoned Hut

Has a notice board the spawns 2 boxes

Snow Country Huts

One merchant, fireplace and 2 boxes spawn here

Stone House

one guard, 2 shops, save and 1 other NPC's can spawn

Iron Hag's House

where the Iron Hag lives

Infected village

has 3 monsters and sometimes a chest

Town of Sinners

You have to have a bounty for the door to open, can spawn Sinner Save Attendent, Sinner Merchant, Sinner's Equipment Shop and Foreign Chef NPC's. If you break in the Merchant and Equipment shop's will only serve you if you have 'Sin'.

Blacksmith's House

Small house with the Blacksmith inside

Dungeons Edit

dungeons spawn harder monsters than appear on the map but normally have at lease one chest or other worthwhile object inside.

Altar (of the Goddess) Dungeon

Medium Dungeon. Contains the Altar of the Goddess and up to 4 chests

Trapped Altar (of the Goddess) Dungeon

Medium Dungeon. Looks like the Alter Dungeon but when you enter the alter disappears and the entrance's are closed by gates

Double Fence Depths

Medium Vertical Dungeon with wooden walls and 3-4 chests

Thoroughfare Keep

Large dungeon

Box Dungeon

Medium Dungeon. Has entry gates on north and south sides, 2 boxes, and an Iron chest in a corner room.

Aquatic Ruins

Medium Dungeon. Surrounded by water, has up to 4 chests.

Golem Ruins

Small Dungeon, diamond shaped, 'dungeon' with a golem, can be mistaken for the Altar Ruins. Golems drop 2+ gemstones

Dog Kennel

Small Dungeon. 2 chests, 5-10 dogs/wolves. Surrounded by wood. spawn most often in the first 200Km of a quest. Can be hard to 'open' as Adventurer, Bard and Hunter classes

Green places on the map (Plus) Edit

With an Area Map Scroll active a third kind of zone appears on the map.

Fruit Tree

Break to get a Nayuta fruit & up to 3 herbs.

Large Ice Crystal

Break for chance to get an Ice Crystal.

Haunted Forest

protected by ghosts can spawn up to 4 Chests.

Mountain Cactus

Break to get a night-vision herb, +2 sight, 300 turns.


Merchant spawns here.

Banishing Door

Teleports the player to a random nearby location when opened. Guards a 3x3 treasury.

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