Ranged weapons and ammo are a type of item used for attacking at ranges beyond 2 squares. Ranged weapons have limited Durability and require equipping consumable ammo in the Accessory slot. Ranged weapons have an Aim statistic rather than an Attack Power. It is possible to attack in melee with a ranged weapon with no ammo equipped and still benefit from the weapon's enchantments. Normal attacks with bow and arrows never miss and cannot damage walls, but skills will still use the Accuracy stat and hit walls when using a bow; this is most notable with the Hunter class due to regular use of Piercing Shot.

Name Type Buy Price Weight (+) Aim (+) Durability Notes (+)
Compact Bow Bow 600 2 4 (5) 100 +1 Range, -5% Accuracy.
Elven Light Bow (+) Bow 600 2 12 120 +1 Range, +10% Accuracy, +15% Critical Hit Chance.
Hunter's Bow Bow 400 4 6 (9) 200 +1 Range, +10% Accuracy.
Military Grade Bow Bow 1500 6 14 (19) 160 +2 Range, -15% Accuracy.
Sword Crossbow (+) Bow 6 12 180 +1 Range, -10% Combo Hit Rate, Attack 8 melee sword when attacking adjacent targets
Heavy Bowgun Bow 2500 8 22 (25) 150 -2 Agility, +2 Range, +10% Accuracy, -1 Movement Speed level.
Neith's Holy Bow Bow N/A 1 30 (33) 60 +3 Range, +20% Accuracy, 100% Critical Hit Chance, cannot pierce the Demon Lord's Barrier.
World's End Bow Bow N/A 4 50 100 Obtained after reaching the End of the World (at 2000km). +70% Critical Hit Rate, +3 range.
Wooden Arrow Arrow 3 0 Basic arrow. Sell value of 1.
Iron Arrow Arrow 10 0 1.4x damage of Wooden Arrow, Sell value of 4.
Force Arrow Arrow N/A 0 Best used against armored/shielded enemies. Sell value of 8.
Jade Arrow Arrow N/A 0 Stronger than Wooden Arrows, used by Jade Hunters. Sell value of 40.
Bomb Arrow Arrow N/A 1 (0) Always deals ~80 damage in a 3x3 area around impact, regardless of bow or character stats. Can hurt self and companions. Sell value of 60.
Flaming Arrow Arrow N/A 0 Deals Flame damage, and also inflicts Thermogenesis on target (-15 damage per turn). Very effective against Zombies and Slimes. Sell value of 12.
Iris's Arrow (+) Arrow N/A 0 Used by Fairy Iris. Inflicts target with Drunk (Attack reduced to 80%, -15% Accuracy and Evasion).
Five-Shot Arrow (+) Arrow N/A 0 Hits target 5 times. Sell value of 200.

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