A player chatting with a Jade Hunter.

Wanders around the wilderness. If the player kills a non-aggressive animal, all Jade Hunters for the rest of the game will attack the player on sight. Can attack friendly NPCs.

Damaging or killing a Jade Hunter will incur a Bounty, regardless of if they were angered prior to attack or not. A member of the Jade Forest Group.


Base HP: 200


  • Don't attack a non-aggressive animal.
  • If you did attack a non-aggressive animal, you can run away from a Jade Hunter to avoid raising your Bounty.
  • They will not spawn in dimensions where only shopkeepers spawn.
  • They are the fastest NPC you can fight and quite powerful. Best to use bows or teleport pills. Speed Bracelets are helpful. Tentacle Weed will also slow them down.
  • They fire at you one square outside the range of their bow if you let them approach you. A superior ranged bow can defeat them.
  • You can farm an unlimited supply of Jade Arrows by staying outside their range.

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