A player chatting with a Jade Hunter.

Jade Forest Members are members of an environmentalist group that wander around the world occasionally. They hunt those who hunt normally-nonaggressive animals, which they consider endangered, and advise the player against doing so themself.

Killing these animals will raise the player's bounty with the Jade Forest Group. In One Way Heroics Plus, killing the subordinates of animal bosses counts towards this bounty, although killing the boss alone does not count.

Killing one animal will not immediately render Jade Forest Members hostile; however, upon speaking to a Jade Forest Member, they will appear suspicious of the player and tell them not to expect a second chance from their group.

After killing more than one animal or - in One Way Heroics Plus - a Pegasus, Jade Forest Members will become hostile towards the player upon sighting them. They can also attack friendly NPCs if they are close enough to them in this state.

Regardless of their hostility, attacking or killing Jade Forest Members will result in a bounty. However, using Buddy Tablets or Brainwashing Drugs will not.


Base HP: 200


  • In order to avoid angering the Jade Forest, do not kill animals. In One Way Heroics Plus, this includes the subordinates of animal bosses. However, the bosses themselves may be killed without raising the player's bounty with the group. In addition, the minions may be attacked as long as they are not killed directly; possible usages of this include Shadow Bind, a Scroll of Confusion, and a Scroll of Massive Earthquakes, although caution should be taken with items that can cause damage.
  • If the player does not wish to increase their Bounty after killing more than one animal, it is possible to run away from Jade Forest Members instead of fighting them.
  • They will not spawn in dimensions where only shopkeepers spawn.
  • They are the fastest NPC you can fight and quite powerful. Best to use bows or teleport pills. Speed Bracelets are helpful. Tentacle Weed will also slow them down.
  • They fire at you one square outside the range of their bow if you let them approach you. A bow with superior range can defeat them.
  • You can farm an unlimited supply of Jade Arrows by staying outside their range.