Appears in various NPC towns, They will attack nearby enemies and chase any player that has a large enough Bounty, which is gained from damaging or killing Human NPC's.             

If you have a bounty of 0, the female guard will say when talked to, "Make yourself at home. I hope you aren't a crook like the last one".             

The "male" guard will say, "Just try and hurt one of the villagers. We'll make sure you regret it. Otherwise, you can consider us good friends. Please rest and relax."             

When you have a bounty of 1-2, they will say, "Weren't you on my bounties list? I guess it was just my imagination."(Female Guard) or "I'm pretty sure I saw a bounty on you... ...Maybe I am mistaken?"(Guard). This happens when you approach from a distance and will talk to you like you have a bounty of 0 when prompted. When you have a bounty of 3 or more, they will automatically start attacking you.             


A strong female guard guarding a town.


Guard (male)

Health: 180

Guard (female)

Health: 160

*note these stats only apply to Guards without modifiers such as tough


You can take advantage from getting attacked by monsters by staying near a Guard.

Try to stay away from guards if you have a bounty from killing a NPC.

Go to a Camping Soldier if you see one. They will give you a box that may contain silver or other useful items. Soldier and Guards have a lower tolerance for murderers than other NPCs.


A Camping Soldier assisting the player.

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