Force Power, or Force, is essentially magic and magical spells in One Way Heroics.

Description Edit

All classes can learn common Force Powers from Fortune-teller Auris after reaching a certain level (see "Character level" column), but some spells are exclusive to the Force User class. A Force User can learn any spell anywhere with the special "Learn Force Power" ability in exchange for character levels (see "Learn ability cost" column).

Force spells drain character energy. Intelligence reduces Energy depletion by 5% per Level to a maximum of -80% at 16 Intelligence, the reduction itself is rounded down.

Force spell damage is based on Willpower and can be further increased with the Force Bracelet. A Force User has a passive ability which increases spell damage by 50%. Force Power damage is also affected by a Force User's meditation before casting it (other characters only meditate when attempting to cast a spell with a meditation requirement - see "Meditation turns" column). Some Force Powers cannot be used without meditating a few times before casting, skipping turns. Meditation requirements can be reduced with the Demon Lord's Headdress or by equipping a Staff, such as Salacia's Staff.

Force Powers not only use energy and require meditation, but also reduce weapon durability (see "Durability Cost" column), affected by durability attrition.

Common Force Power SpellsEdit


Character level Silver cost "Learn ability" cost (Plus) Energy Cost Meditation turns Durability Cost Effect
Force Flame Lvl 1 500 Already learned 4% 1 1 Deals damage in front of you
X-Ray Vision Lvl 1 300 2 5% 0 0 Reveals the darkened areas inside buildings, Golem resting places, and Elven villages
Detection Lvl 1 300 3 5% 0 0 Detects nearby NPCs and monsters for 100 turns, 30 square range.
Lightning Lvl 10 4 (10) 15% 1 2 Deals damage to enemies in a 5x5 area around your self (3x3 in Plus)
Phalanx Lvl 10 8 (15) 10% 1 0 Halves physical damage received for 20 turns
Force Flare Lvl 20 6 (20) 15% 2 1 Deals heavy damage 2 tiles in front of you

Exclusive Force User SpellsEdit


"Learn ability" Level cost (Plus) Energy Cost Meditation turns Durability Cost Effect
Paralyze 5 (8) 8% 0 0 Immobilizes an enemy, 4 tile range, 5 (target's) turn duration
Heal 8 (15) 20% 3 0 Massive healing to yourself and your party
Summon 10 (20) 30% 2 0 Summons a companion pet, 3 hour duration

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