Equipment Adjuster
Equipment Adjuster is a Special Merchant NPC that allows the player to adjust equipment enchantments by allowing the player to remove one enchantment or all "Jerryrigged" enchantments 1 piece of equipment.

Hence each encounter allows for 1 Enchantment or all  Jerryrigging to removed per 1 equipment.

The cost of removing enchantment varys based off of:

  1. Equipment Rank
  2. Rarity of Equipment (Holy weapons are more expensive to adjust enchantments)
  3. Current Enchantments on the Weapon or Armor

  • TIP:
Min Max:
The best thing to do before removing the enchantment "Jerryrigged" is to repair the equipment one last time with a jerryrigging scroll as the cost of removal does not and should not change.

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