Allows access to items collected in previous playthroughs. It is available in the starting castle through the Dimensional Vault Guard once purchased. Deposits and withdrawals can be made in a playthrough; however, anything not stored in the vault will not be saved. Loading a save file of a previously completed playthrough will prevent additional changes to the dimensional vault. Increasing the size of the vault is five more Hero Points than the cost of the previous upgrade, to a max vault size of 90.

If a playthrough is ended prematurely, or is unsuccessful, the contents will be available for the next playthrough as long as no new deposits are made to the dimensional vault.

Items awarded when viewing specific epilogues can only be obtained through use of the dimensional vault; however, there is a possibility of obtaining these items in online play if another player dies with one of them.

There are certain items that cannot be vaulted, such as Potted Herb and Queen Frieda's Arm.

Note: Steam Cloud for the Steam version will not save your items in the Dimensional Vault.