Class Description:

You are a loyal Dark Knight. You have a knights high defense, and although you may face large Recoil, you can gain powerful skills. This class has high stats, but they are not good with swords, the king's knight's weapon

Starting Stats:

HP: 135

ST: 13

Lapis: 0

WT: 19

Strength: 3

Vitality: 2

Agility: 0

Intelligence: 1

Willpower: 0

Charisma: -1

Starting abilities:

Lockpicking: 0

Climbing: 0

Swimming: 0

Starting Equipment:

Weapon: Slash Spear

Armor: Leather Coat

Accessory: Wooden Shield

Bonuses: Gets into the Dark Guild for without License of Darkness

Availability: Can be purchased for 300 Genesis stones after meeting certain requirements.

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