Inside the Dark Brotherhood at night.

A shadowy organization that only serves those held in low esteem by the rest of society. A Dark Brotherhood Pass is required for entry, however Pirates may enter without a pass. Destroying the walls of the Dark Brotherhood will allow you to enter, but vendors will refuse to talk to you.

Backpack VendorEdit

For 1000 Silver, this vendor will sell you a one-time upgrade of your backpack, giving you 10 extra carrying capacity.

Black Market VendorEdit

Sells rare and expensive items. The only vendor to sell stat-boosting items.

Item Name Value Effect
Key of Seals 4000 Opens a sealed door.
Vial of Organic Healing 800 Heals 30 hp each turn for 7 turns. Will not affect party members.
Clever Fox Tail 8000 Will increase either intellect or willpower by 1 level.
Beautiful Otter Pelt 8000 Will increase either agility or charisma by 1 level.
Radiant Horse Hooves 12000 Will increase either strength or vitality by 1 level.
Scroll of the Phalanx 2000 Will apply a medium to high level skill to the currently equipped armor.
Scroll of the Sword Saint 2000 Will apply a medium to high level skill to the currently equipped weapon.
Scroll of repair 3200 Repairs the equipped weapon and armor durability by 50 points each. Does not affect accessories.
Buddy Tablets 800 Pacifies target

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